Website devoted to two wheeled travel in and around Prescott Arizona


Since I threw a leg over my first mountain bike in 1990 I was hooked in regards to the limitless adventure a pair of handlebars could take me. Exploring most of Arizona my passion for finding the unknown has logged thousands of miles in the saddle. My preference is dirt, singletrack to be more specific. Technical terrain holds my interest longer than gravel roads but they all have their place. The past few years have seen my interest in photography and bikepacking grow exponentially, The goal of this website is to share Prescott, AZ and the surrounding areas with others who may be interested. I post up rides, routes, scenic vistas, oddities, places for grub and anything else that happens to spring to mind or enters my field of vision while pedaling around. Hope you enjoy.

Feel free to send any questions or suggestions you may have by using the  Contact page. Always great to hear from people and fellow riders who are sharing the passion.